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We like things simple so along with using the powerful Joomla platform we use premium themes for your website and then adjust their branding and functionality to suit your wishes. Designing a theme from scratch or re-writing the book would firstly cost you thousands and you would encounter issues as the platform updates.

To make things simple for you we are completely prepared to sit down with you once the site is completed and give you a couple of hours training. This can also be done remotely via Skype if this is easier to cover greater distances.

So how can we help? 

We are not a big company with large offices. We are small focused individuals with separate skills that gel into one unit to give you a finished stunning project. Brand and web design, social media management, usage and consistency is the heart of our business, this will enable your business; to utilise over 33 years of experience in these fields.

To achieve your goals you need a good plan otherwise you could just run out of steam. We have a personal approach to our work ethic and would rather chat, so no forms (unless necessary) or briefs, just simple old fashioned communication. We'll get into our heads to be your ideal customer or client. iT Rocks will work with you closely to provide people with relevant and individual content.

"Built on trust and loyalty in print and on web since 1985"

Every business has a story to tell to the people who matter most, your prospects. We don’t just want people to hear about your brand, we want people to recognise, recommend, follow and love your brand. We are focused to market your ideas within the natural choices of digital media for your business.

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