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About iT Rocks:

2018 is our 15th year crafting digital and creative solutions for many businesses and organisations that makes things happen. This year we will be providing more creative and marketing services to become your personal digital marketing agency.

We at iT Rocks are focused on brand clarity and here to provide design services for print and digital media. The company which is a creation of Tim Allan is supported by 34 years of experience from many design disciplines.

iT Rocks serves those who are keen to ensure their brand is consistent and recognisable to their clients. The name iT Rocks comes from the the love of classic rock music from djing ourselves.

We all love what we do and enjoy our work. Which is of course good news for you, knowing that you could be working with a dedicated team priding its selves on the work we do and our commitment to deliver exactly what you are looking for.

Brand design across all media
We ensure your brand can be used on all media, people recognise a business or organisation by the logo and they like to see your brand reflected in a similar way wherever they roam. Our main aim is for you to absolutely love your brand so that you are confident that your clients will too.

We providing you with several key formats of your logo so it can be used for everything you need to brand. Ensuring that your new brand design stays true and consistent is a priority, without this your recognition will reduce.


Mobile Friendly Responsive Websites:
All websites need to be mobile friendly. We only create responsive websites which use the latest Joomla! content management solutions to give you the power to change, grow and benefit from the more favourable ranking of mobile friendly websites with amazing functionality, excellent user-experience. We love Joomla! because we believe it's one of the best solutions and we’ve spent nearly 8 years sharpening our skills on our already extensive knowledge in the field of websites.

Keeping things simple:
We use the powerful Joomla! platform starting with a premium theme for your website, adjusting the branding and functionality to suit your requirements. Designing a theme from scratch would cost you thousands and you would encounter issues as the platform updates. We are prepared to sit down and give you a couple of hours training for a small additional fee, this can also be done remotely via Skype it should be easier to cover greater distances once your site is complete.

Brand Design:
Providing clients with a brand which is not only their love but it must be non faltering and consistent across all media forms. From the initial brand logo to its print and digital media applications we have helped more customers than we can physically list to achieve the professional look desired.

Graphic Design:
We cut our teeth on graphic design, we know that the first design is not always 'The One' although sometimes we do hit the nail on the head straight off. Time to discover the creative solution of your dreams with iT Rocks. Sometimes with digital media we just need someone who can provide services and solutions including imagery, video, sound and social media, we have a list of associates who work alongside iT Rocks.







“Mobile Friendly Responsive Websites”





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