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It wasn’t that long ago that many people I know would have argued that Twitter was more than just another social network. Twitter is a great utility for anyone with their own website to pass on urgent news or even fantastic price offers while on the move. With the integration of Twitter into Joomla! it's a smooth and seamless experience for the clients’ potential clients and customers.

A mere one-hundred-and-forty-character tweet is how we find the most crucial, critical, and thought-provoking stories each and every day.

Twitter provides the unedited, unscripted look into the world as it is changing, through eyewitness reports, grainy citizen-journalist photography in its raw, but streamlined output. Changes in Twitter can make it hard to follow conversations together with verifying reliable sources can make information suspect or confusing. The wave of harassment, abuse, hate speech, threats towards some users and indeed filling users feeds which the company seemed unprepared for. Even its celebrity users couldn’t be protected.

After a summer of turmoil and indecision following the resignation of the CEO Dick Costolo, the company reappointed its co-founder Jack Dorsey, maybe for the first time in a long time Twitter will find its direction and focus. Twitter's active users only grew by eleven per cent last year. Facebook has surpassed the company tenfold although Instagram, WhatsApp, and even WeChat all have more users than Twitter does. Snapchat has been racing up almost catching Twitter too.

Can Twitter survive as a business? The company has lost its vice-president of media VP of product (to Instagram), its head of the growing video service Vine (to Google), its VP of engineering, and its HR head. Subsequently the company’s stock has lost about fifty per cent of its value over the past three months.

Twitter’s real-time feed is its most powerful asset, it’s not difficult to see a future in which Instagram, Facebook, or even Snapchat focus enough on real-time news that they obviate the need for Twitter’s narrow, noisy, and oft-changing ideas about social interaction.

Kevin Weil head of product left the company to join Instagram, imagine the service mutating into a more social platform for sharing links and having conversations. And, for many young users Snapchat is already their most important destination.

We live in the Age of the Upgrade, the generation raised on the Internet is most fickle, it loves something passionately, until it doesn’t ... then it moves on to something new. Social media is a scale game or a product game, Twitter’s service is slightly confused, is it failing at both? In the world of media, the people who fill these services with highly valuable and hotly traded 'content,' such as this article you’re currently reading are divided.

Best known and loved for its hundred-and-forty-character limit, that often forces clarity, Twitter will begin allowing multiple images or video content in ten-thousand-character Tweets. Twitter looks to compete for the short and long winded articles, conversations, news content alike to climb the table of social network once more. It’s a huge risk given that brevity is one of the few things that makes the social network unique.

There are hundreds of millions of dedicated users (I'm lost without my accounts) who see tremendous utility in the service. The core ideals that made the product great are not lost, even if slightly obscured. Twitters short bursts of information can make you feel that you’re plugged into a busy hive of activity, this is its greatest asset.

Twitter is what you make of it.


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