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An approach was made late last year by for us to collaborate by supplying our services with live commentary at the re-launched Isle of Wight ‘Warriors’ speedway track at Smallbrook, Ryde.

Speedway Portal is a new venture of a multimedia hub crammed full of speedway related media compiled by the fans, for the fans. Fans can instantly stream media over the internet. The aim of the Portal is to help promote the sport, riders, teams and sponsors to the masses.

Wight Warriors

Take a look for yourself at this little gold mine of a website, starting with the sponsored ‘Wight Warriors’ official media channel as well as official channels for Brendan Johnson, George Piper and Paul Starke with new channels coming for Krzystof Kasprzak and Brady Kurtz.

Our first night was somewhat delayed after being forced to wait for a ferry an hour later than planned but once at the track the five strong crew knew what was expected. Interviews with riders were even made during the 40-minute crossing to get things underway.

A further interview with the meeting sponsor and injured rider and iTRocks portfolio member Brendan Johnson in-between the 15 heats of speedway live commentary which will be available to watch on the Portal shortly.

It was a good start to the speedway season on the Island, hopefully a sign of good things to come with the hard work put in by Barry Bishop and Martin Widman along with the army of volunteers who have spent many a weekend in the cold getting the stadium and track fit to face the public on re-launch evening.

A steady flow to the races in front of a fair size crowd moved briskly along, one or two small teething issues which won’t take much to correct for the second meeting and I believe everyone should give their selves a big pat on the back, tremendous effort.

We are looking forward to this weekly summer experience just across the solent, through to the end of September. Meanwhile check the ‘Warriors’ website for Wightlink the clubs main sponsors for information on available travel deals.



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