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To enable your web site to be seen by the millions of internet users around the world, it needs to be placed on a server (host) with permanent, high-speed connections to the World Wide Web.

Is all Hosting the Same?
The simple answer is no. Web servers are usually powered by either Windows or Linux operating systems. The speed of the actual server, speed of the connection to the web, the number of web sites hosted on a single server, and many other factors determine the speed that web pages are served to visitors.

Why is there a vast difference in price?
For many of the reasons given above. A quality web server is expensive to purchase and maintain. You will have seen companies advertising "free" hosting or hosting for a few pounds per month/year, but technical support may be non-existent, meaning you have no one to turn to when the inevitable system failure occurs.

  • Your site hosted on a top quality Linux server.
  • Ample web space to hold your pages and site content.
  • A generous monthly data transfer (bandwidth) allocation and a realistic charge if you exceed your allocation in any month.
  • Fast response to system failures - many technical issues are attended to as part of ongoing "routine maintenance" before we are even aware of them.




ONLY £1 per week!
600mb webspace
4gb bandwidth


UNDER £1.50 per week!
800mb webspace
6gb bandwidth


UNDER £2.50 per week!
1gb webspace
8gb bandwidth


UNDER £2.99 per week!
2gb webspace
15gb bandwidth


We are also able to offer packages with more webspace and bandwidth we have 'Photo gallery' and 'Photo Gallery Pro' packages available. If your website requirements don't fall into any of the packages shown we can quote for a bespoke package for you.







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