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Step 1: The Beginning
Lets have a chat, grab a cuppa, get to know you giving us the chance to understand your ideas and make solid and specific notes.

Step 2: Project Pricing
Once we have your ideas and notes we will submit a quotation for the packages we think you'll love.

Step 3: Like our price :)
YOU'VE chosen iT Rocks! You like our project offer and you have sent us your deposit to enable us to start work. We'll check that there are any other tweaks for your website design brief before we start building.

Step 4: You'll love our design!
Don't worry if the first design is not quite right, we can tweak this for you within the confines of keeping functionality working.

Step 5: The design is final, Lets start building!
We may give you a login to have a sneak peek from time to time during the building stage. It is important for you to send us as much content as possible before we start the building process as you are the expert about the information that you would like published on your website.

Step 6: A few tweaks could you just change this?
Don't be scared to ask for tweaks and changes, we want you to love your finished website and it's far easier and less disruption at proofing stage.

Step 7: It's almost there, get connected
Your personalised email addresses can either be set up in person or remotely for you. We can send you step by step details so that you can set these up yourself on any device using Outlook (desktop), or Gmail. If you get stuck you can call us on the phone or Skype if you are having problems.

Step 8: Finished! Lets Launch things!
All done, we'll make your new site visible to the wide World once your site has been approved and the outstanding project balance paid.

Step 9: Not so fast!
To ensure your lovely new website grows, thrives and survives out there in the wild World you'll need regular updates, these can be implimented on an as and when basis or a pre-paid annual package. Alternatively you may wish to take control, we would have to rectify the problem and charge for our time should you damage your website structure, please ensure you are aware of what you are doing at all times.

Step 10: Happiness
With your website live we are able to offer our other services to enhance your branding flowing through from website to printed material, adverts or social media.







“Mobile Friendly Responsive Websites”





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